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Bereavement Course

We offer a six week group course that enables bereaved people to investigate the feelings of loss.

Each session is a mixture of learning and group interaction, managed by trained group bereavement facilitators. Although there are huge benefits of sharing your experiences of loss, we recognise that it would not necessarily suit everyone. Should you feel that a group programme is not for you then we are able to refer you or a member of the family to professional one on one support.

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Three to four months after the funeral, we will write to each family highlighting this programme – this invitation is open to all members of your family. A.B. Walker offer this programme, held at its Reading office on a week day evening, free of charge. Parking is available and following the six weeks, we support a group called Link Up that holds social evenings, walks and day trips throughout the year.

Everyone is pre-assessed by telephone to understand their particular needs.

The Course Outline:

Week 1 - Working as a group
Week 2 - Acknowledging feelings
Week 3 - Exploration and Thoughts
Week 4 - Practical Help
Week 5 - The Future
Week 6 - New Beginnings

Apply for our bereavement course

Note: by applying you will receive a call from us to discuss your individual needs.

Contact Melissa Walker, Director of Bereavement Care

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