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Loss and bereavement

Grief is a natural response to loss. It affects everyone differently and we offer several options to help under our Aftercare programme.

Many of the initial feelings, which may include anger, anxiety, helplessness and guilt may subside in time and the process of adapting to the loss starts to take a hold. There is no timetable and no sequence that identifies ‘normal’ from ‘abnormal’ grieving. Some people start to adjust after weeks or months but for some the process takes years. It is important to remain patient with yourself. Ignoring the feelings associated with loss will probably prolong the initial period of uncertainty.

Whilst everyone at A.B. Walker witness the sadness of loss on a daily basis, we do not have a quick or easy fix. In our opinion the greatest long term impact of a bereavement is loneliness, which in itself prevents the expression of feelings and often causes a significant change to sleep, routine and diet.

You might want to investigate whether learning more about grieving or simply talking about what has happened will help in this adjustment. Often knowing that there are common experiences may help them seem more normal feelings to have. There are limited options available in the community which compelled A.B. Walker to develop help and support for anyone who is bereaving for free.

Our bereavement team will contact every family to invite anyone who may wish, to attend either our group bereavement course or individual counselling. We offer this for free and about 80-100 families take this up every year. Individuals are also referred to us by GPs and hospice teams. You do not need to use A.B. Walker for the funeral in order to access this free service.


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