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Kenneth Glyn Humphreys

We are no longer able to accept donations via this page. If you would like to make an in memoriam donation to The Children's Society, please follow this link to their website:

Kenneth Glyn  Humphreys


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Passed away on 16 April 2020, aged 91 years.

Please help support the Children's Society in memory of Ken. All donations are gratefully received.A memory is a keepsake of time that lives forever in the heart.

Page closed on 30 May 2020

The Children's Society

The Children's Society

The Children's Society wants to create a world where all children and young people are respected, valued and heard.


  • £50.00 (+ £11.88) Liz Gallagher online donation
    I feel privileged to have known Ken as a priest and a friend. Liz
  • £30.00 (+ £7.12) Cyndy Gray online donation
    Ken was a very special man with such wonderful counselling skills who helped me during a troubled time in my life. I also highly valued the training he provided on counselling skills.
  • £25.00 Daphne Pike online donation
    Our grandmothers were sisters and our mothers were cousins. I am glad the Pateman family produced such a kind and wonderful person.
  • £50.00 (+ £11.88) Annette and Charles Pembroke online donation
    We were so fortunate to have a friend in Ken. He conducted our family weddings and funerals. In challenging times he was by our side during Richard's recovery from a serious traffic accident. Ken was there for so many people who had great respect and love for him. RIP
  • £25.00 Helen Woodward online donation
    What a privilege to have had a friend like Ken, you will be very much missed but never forgotten.
  • £25.00 Dr I Hossack offline donation
  • £25.00 Mrs E Golding offline donation
  • £25.00 Cynthia & Lionel Criddle offline donation
  • £50.00 (+ £11.88) Nicky Patterson online donation
    Ken was an ever present person in my childhood from the age of 5 at St Mary & St Johns. I remember an always smiling, always cheerful man who never forgot a face or a name. Looking back now it was a privilege to act as Server for him for a few years. A great man! X
  • £50.00 (+ £11.88) Anonymous online donation
  • £25.00 (+ £5.94) Mr James Hall online donation
    "....And just at the moment when someone at my side says, "There, she is gone!" there are others watching her coming and a voice takes up the glad shout; "Here she comes!" And I like that vision of dying." Thank you, Ken. Thank you for support, guidance and friendship, that won't ever be forgotten.
  • Anonymous online donation
  • £20.00 (+ £4.75) Clare Curtis online donation
    A True gentleman who always encouraged and believed in me with no judgement,thank you for sharing your Knowledge and memories. I will miss you xx
  • £200.00 (+ £47.50) David Jack Harvey online donation
    In memory of a very special and much loved man A great grandfather to Florry and Freddie Thank you for being so kind and loving to everyone I will miss our friendship All my love Jack
  • £10.00 Gillian Eveleigh offline donation
  • £20.00 Mrs E Olsen offline donation
  • £5.00 Jennifer Biggs offline donation
  • £50.00 (+ £11.88) Annie and John Kew online donation
    We feel very blessed to have known Ken- he was an inspiration to us all.
  • £25.00 (+ £5.94) Jackie Hanfrey online donation
    In memory of a wonderful man. Thank you for all your help through the years.
  • £25.00 Dr & Mrs M Darlison offline donation
  • £100.00 Christine & Dickon Snell offline donation
  • £20.00 Ruth Bone offline donation
  • £10.00 Mrs A Mayers offline donation
  • £25.00 (+ £5.94) Marigold & Nick Ashwell online donation
    To have experienced Ken's gifts as a counsellor, trainer, minister and friend have been a privilege. His abilities to empathise and support reflected his deep care for humanity, especially for young people children and even babies. The Children's Society is the perfect choice in memory of an exceptional man.
  • £20.00 (+ £4.75) Jenny and David Jordan online donation
    In memory of a true man of God and a great friend.
  • £20.00 (+ £4.75) Joy&John Alcock online donation
    Ken you were a very special Priest
  • £50.00 (+ £11.88) Sally and Peter Whittaker online donation
    In memory of a dearly loved and treasured friend of 40 years
  • £10.00 (+ £2.38) Caroline Smith online donation
    So sorry to hear of Ken's passing. A wonderful man. Married myself and my husband in 2006 and was very good to my family when my dad died in 1985. He will be missed x
  • Anonymous online donation
  • £50.00 (+ £11.88) John Thorogood online donation
    A very special Spiritual Director, counsellor and friend.
  • £105.00 Vanda & Michael Bowyer offline donation
    In memory of our very dear friend
  • £50.00 Roy Chapman online donation
    Rest in peace Ken, and thank you for all you did for my family
  • £100.00 (+ £23.75) Sarah Lewis online donation
    I have known you ever since forever, you had such an influence all through my life. You brought me so much joy, comfort and peace. And I, like so many others, will miss you my dear friend.
  • £30.00 (+ £7.12) John Griffin online donation
    In memory of a much-loved and respected priest. He brought comfort and support to so many people.
  • £50.00 (+ £11.88) Tony & Pamela Roberts online donation
    It was a privilege to have had you as a friend
  • Anonymous online donation
  • £30.00 (+ £7.12) Sarah Franklin online donation
  • £500.00 (+ £118.75) Anonymous online donation