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Lillian Mary Fielding

We are no longer able to accept donations via this page. If you would like to make an in memoriam donation to Sue Ryder , please follow this link to their website:

Lillian Mary Fielding


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Passed away on 27 April 2020, aged 102 years.

Thank you for your kind donations in memory of Lillian

Page closed on 18 June 2020

Sue Ryder

Sue Ryder

Sue Ryder supports people through the most difficult times of their lives. Whether that's a terminal illness, the loss of a loved one or a neurological condition - we're there when it matters. Our doctors, nurses and carers give people the compassion and expert care they need to help them live the best life they possibly can.


  • Andrew (you never accepted Andy!) online donation
    Nana Epsom you have left me filled with a zillion great memories, from our euro-tennis matches, to then watch you play football with my son at your daughters house, game for anything ! enjoy your halftime oranges, I'll see you in the 2nd half xxx
  • JUNE AND TREVOR online donation
    Today, tomorrow our whole life through we shall love and remember you our wonderfully kind and caring mother. God Bless You. Within this donation is a gift from our good friends Irene and Dave Radnett
  • £25.00 Corrina online donation
    I will miss you Nana, here's my donation in your loving memory xxx
  • £50.00 carmel & yosh online donation
    Nana Epsom...your energy, love and care will forever be 100% alive in our hearts. you were always cheeky, inqusitive-dare i say nosey and opionated! you taught and loved us well.thank you. you always asked after our pub and Yosh's sheds!!!! what an amazing journey you had! i know you hated my tattoos, but never stopped loving me. how much more could you ask !!
  • Rosalind and Martyn Griffiths online donation
    A long life well lived and loved by those who knew Mary. Over the 50 years we have known Mary she has always had a very happy and positive nature, always providing a stable and supporting role for June, Trevor and our niece and nephew, Carmel and Andrew. We shall always remember her.
  • Timothy and Gillian Clark online donation
    We feel we have lost a friend, one whose company we much enjoyed.
  • £60.00 Maureen Aris online donation
    In memorandum of a lovely Aunt. Many memories of her, during a long life well lived. With love, in sadness from nieces Maureen and Patricia and all of the Taverner family