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Douai Pavilion

Douai Pavilion and Park is situated in the peaceful and beautiful rural setting of Upper Woolhampton, West Berkshire. It is the ideal setting for wakes/Memorial thanksgiving celebrations/Humanist services.

The venue is situated, just off the A4, only 3 miles from the Crematorium and in very close proximity to churches in the Parish. Woolhampton church is located next door and you can walk from the church to the Pavilion via the footpath. The Abbey at Douai is positioned across the road from the Pavilion and again is in very close walking distance.

Since the new regulations have been brought in, during the Covid-19 Pandemic, as regards holding wakes etc., Douai Pavilion have been hosting these in a marquee erected in the grounds, positioned next to the Pavilion building. This has worked extremely well and accommodates the maximum of 30 guests, socially distanced, which is what is currently allowed. The toilet facilities are entered through the back outside door to the pavilion and all the required hygiene procedures have been implemented. These can be seen on the Douai Pavilion website at

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