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Funeral Costs

Funeral Prices

Transparency about funeral costs is important to enable appropriate choices as well as comparison between different suppliers.

Recently the Government through the Competitions and Markets Authority (CMA) has legally required all funeral directors to publish and display a standardised price list and disclosure of other information in order to make it easier for families to compare between suppliers.

We very much welcome this initiative.

Download the Standardised Price List here

AB Walker will issue you with a written comprehensive estimate of our charges and those we pay on your behalf for your approval prior to commencing any activity with the exception of any necessary or short notice transfer of the deceased person, particularly when conducted out of hours which will be charged according to our price list.

Funeral costs consist of the Funeral Director Fees and third party fees. We require a deposit at the time of booking and the balance is invoiced the week after the funeral date.

Payment can be made online by BACS, cheque or credit / debit card. There is no VAT on funeral costs.

Non-Attended Cremation Service

Sometimes referred to as a 'Direct Cremation', we believe that it might helpful to clarify what our Non-Attended Cremation offering includes: we are committed to ensuring that funerals are offered with real choice with in this case a very simplified funeral with no ceremony and no attendance.

We feel that no-one should experience a compromise on dignity or care therefore we will always use a hearse and bearers.

You may wish to plan an alternative ceremony to be held at another location or on a later date: we can help with options for venues and catering to meet your needs.

Non Attended Cremation includes:

Daytime transfer from a hospital or coroner’s mortuary within 15 miles.

Completion of all documentation.

Cremation at a day and time we choose – no funeral service and no attendance at crematorium.

Simple coffin, in standard size, with nameplate.

Option to collect cremated remains from the crematorium or scatter in the Garden of Remembrance (unwitnessed).

No viewing included.

Full payment in advance.

Total Cost from £1450 

Out of hours transfer – additional £295. Excludes doctors fees (normally £164) when payable.

DWP Assistance

Should you wish to make a claim for a contribution towards funeral costs through the DWP, we can offer advice and prepare an invoice as required for the process of application. See the link below for information.

DWP Funeral Payment Link

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