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Legal Services

Currently, only a third of us have a will in place when we die.

Even members of the Walker family, who given our profession, should know better, have died without having a will in place. On their death, we as a family experienced additional complexity and made a lot of assumptions about their ultimate intentions. Once you have a will in place, it is important that it is reviewed to take into account of changes to your personal situation.

A will is often a good starting point but other planning can take place that offers protection and security highly specific to your circumstances.

Golden Charter have developed a range of simple legal services that complement our encouragement to take action and plan ahead and make the right plan for you.

Options currently available include:

  • Will
  • Family Protection Trust
  • Power of Attorney
  • Property Protection Trust
  • Pre-paid and at need Probate service

A.B. Walker would provide your details to a colleague from Golden Charter who would make contact to offer qualified, professional and focused advice by telephone or in person according to your need.

All discussions would remain confidential between you and your advisor.

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A.B. Walker have a whole masonry department including our team of in-house monumental masons that supply, fix and repair memorials from simple tablets to large monuments.

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