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Pre-paid Funeral Plans

Why you should consider a pre-paid funeral plan:

  • Peace of mind
  • Financial security
  • Value for money
  • Reduce the burden to the family
  • Assurance that personal wishes are carried out

Pre-paid funerals allow the advance planning of a funeral, whilst paying the costs in advance at today’s prices. Some pre-paid funeral plans are insurance based and require the constant payment of a monthly fee to maintain cover and some pre-paid funeral plans, require a single payment that can be paid in instalments.

Through Golden Charter, the UK's largest independent funeral plan company, we offer fully bespoke pre-paid funeral plans which are financially secure and flexible – allowing you to amend the plan or transfer your plan to another funeral director should you move.

There are a myriad of brands offering pre-paid funerals - we will only accept Golden Charter products and would guide families to carefully consider security of funds, flexibility and choice of funeral director with other plan companies.

H.M. Treasury is currently investigating the funeral plan market which we wholeheartedly welcome. The implementation of changes coming out of this investigation has been delayed by the coronavirus pandemic - our belief if that the best funeral plan is one arranged with the funeral director that will ultimately deliver the specific wishes and we would recommend that you ask us if the plan you have or are considering is going to restrict your choices in the future.

Visit for some help. Should you have a plan with another provider, it might be possible to switch to Golden Charter - we can help.

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We offer a bespoke plan called the Independent Way which includes as much or as little detail as you may wish. The cost of the plan will guarantee the funeral directors' fees and a significant contribution to the third party costs such as the crematorium or cemetery. Some plan providers may describe their products as‘ fully guaranteed ’ but in practice, this is not the case; we would rather be open about our inability to control third party costs and commit to an achievable level of cover.

Here are two typical funeral specifications using typical local costs:

Cremation service  
Funeral director fee  £2300
Oxford veneer coffin £410
Conveyance to our premises out of hours £280
Officiant fee £224
Doctors' fees £164
Reading Crematorium fee £850
Golden Charter admin fee £249
Funeral director admin fee  £100
Total cost £4577
Church service followed by cremation  
Funeral director fee £2630
Oxford veneer coffin £410
Conveyance to our premises out of hours £280
Limousine £300
Officiant fee £253
Organist fee £80
Church utilities fee £100
Doctors' fees £164
Reading Crematorium fee


Golden Charter admin fee £249
Funeral director admin fee £100
Total cost £5416

We would build your plan according to your specific needs, not just detailing your choices for the funeral but even including allowances for refreshments and monumental masonry options. We would provide comprehensive costings and payment options to suit your needs.

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